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tango liège



Argentine tango is the Queen of all dances.

Officially listed by UNESCO as a cultural treasure; a subtle blend of skill and art, elegance and grace.

With a physical and emotional essence, the tango is a citadel ruled by the body to guard the enigmatic heart:

A priceless bastion of sentiment.


In the dephts of this authentic and beguiling dance the greatest danger is affectation...

Tonight, let us dance, immersing ourselves in this athmosphere.

tango liège



Tango comes to those who need it.

As far as i can remember, my first moment of shared connection was on stage, where the power and glory of the author's words strike resonance in the actor's body and mind.

This intractable art, testing the limits of expression without ever breaching the forbidden territory of artifice.

As i was developping as an actor i was also studying Initiatique Massage.

This practice allowed me to explore the far reaches of the universe of body awarness and to experience the miracle of the spirit on the physical.

I was fifteen when Argentine Tango found me. A sensitive age, as perceptions of relationships change and the fear of the unknown becomes clear.

At this crossroads of interpersonnal growth and artistic blossoming the tango awaited:

The quintessence of the infinite process of self exploration, offering us a framework for paired creativity in a social setting.

tango liège

​Tango Connecting People works in this space of encounter and connection, in creative romance, desire and freedom, developing unique projects which marry the interest of the group and the individual.

Tango can be for everyone, its improvised nature and reach for expression beyond the mere physical movement: it is a demanding life path, a true commitment, from the first sincere step of the teacher an taught.


This quest for tango joy can lead to great happiness from the smallest things, but must be undertaken with care.


My tango voyage has exacted a price, as it does from all who travel, learning the search for social tango, culture of the people at a most intimate level.


A lifetime expedition that lift the veil and reveal an immense internal horizon where there is no better guide than one who is searching herself.

Traduction Becky Brod
Photographie Gwenael Geneau
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