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Take part in our Donation drive

Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of an Argentine tango studio to share !


A place - home to the values of a truly social tango - founded on 3 basic principles:


* A conscious and equitable provision of space.

* Collective, responsible and sustainable maintenance.

* Simple use via an oline booking system.

Take part in our donation drive & become a active member.

Support of 250€

We're spoiling you !

Make your choice : 

* Receive 1 year's free participation in all studio events; workshops & private milongas.


* Receive 1 private lesson (1h30) with Lucas & Déborah + 10h private studio access.

Support of 50€

Make your choice: 

* 3 hours access in a private studio ?


* One of our themed videos to spice up your practice at home (45min.) ?

Support of 500€

The impossible is possible ! 


The studio will be yours for a weekend in Liège... bed & breakfast included. Lucas & Déborah will make sure you have everything you need, and take the opportunity to coach you during 2 private sessions of 1h30 each.

Support of 100€

Wow ! How's that for love ? What would make you happy ?

Make your choice : 

* 1 private lesson (1h30) with Lucas & Déborah 


Would you be tempted by 7 hours of practice in a private studio ?

El Cielo Community

Let's practice ? 


* Plan your visit to the studio on your own or as a duo,

* Reserve your time online via your member area,

* Make your selection from a list of tasks to be accomplished collectively,

* Develop your dance daily, and express its innermost fibres.


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